Do you need OneRoster® compliant extracts from your SIS?

DataSense RapidRoster is our no charge self-service data integration solution, providing OneRoster® formatted data to your disparate academic systems.

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A Simplified Data Integration Solutions for
Schools, Universities, and EdTech Providers


Enable, access and unify data from diverse and disparate systems across your enterprise.


Define connecting systems and data, deploy and interact within your cloud instance.


Organize and track key information about your data within a single, secured repository.


Keep your data healthy and compliant with changing HIPPA and FERPA standards.

Building Bridges Between Your Disparate Data Sources

And saving you loads of time!

Fast Deployment
Fast Deployment

DataSense adapts to any existing applications without the need for custom development, accelerating deployment, adoption, and return on technology investments. With DataSense, connectors across applications can be deployed in days instead of months.

Easier Maintenance
Easier Maintenance

Our sustainable model ensures you’ll maintain high quality data no matter how many applications you may add or remove over time. DataSense’s interactive visualized interface makes apps and integrations easy to manage, monitor, and update.

Easier Maintenance
Quick Issue Resolution

DataSense Intelligent Alerts pinpoint any data issues across all applications hosted on-site or off-site, providing intelligent, real-time knowledge of potential issues.

secure data

Manage and Protect Your Data

The entire DataSense Cloud Solution maintains student privacy and data compliance for your district or campus..

  • We ensure your data policies are keeping pace with changing HIPPA and FERPA standards.
  • All student data is stored in a single repository protected by a secure application layer to prevent outside intrusion.
  • User auditing and data movement tracking is available.

Integrate Your Data And Start Working Better

We help edtech providers, schools and universities of any size make better use of their data. Get a free demo today and see how DataSense can help you.

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